12″ AF News: Asmus Toys – Jim Carrey’s The Mask 1/6 Scale Figure

12″ AF News: Asmus Toys – Jim Carrey’s The Mask 1/6 Scale Figure –

Asmus Toys presenta la nuova Jim Carrey’s The Mask 1/6 Scale Figure. In preordine nei prossimi giorni al prezzo di 175.00 USD con uscita prevista per fine anno, la doll include anche una espressione alternativa per il piccolo Milo. In attesa di ulteriori informazioni sul pre italiano, ecco le inof della casa.

1/6 scaled limited articulated figure

Stanton & Mason art and design is very proud to present you one of the most iconic comic character of all time – The Mask, from the feature film in 1994.

In order to bring this beloved character to life in 1/6 scale, we are very lucky to find Asmus Toys to contribute their experience and skill to the project.

The figure stands approximately 12 inches tall, and dressed in his iconic 50’ styled yellow suit, all the patterns on the clothing are custom made to movie accurate. It has also included 5 pairs of different styles of hand that can be swapped to several type of poses.

Milo, and dog who saved his master and transformed into a Mask, is also included in the set. With magnet installed in the neck joint, it can be switched into regular Milo or Mask Milo by changing the heads.

Here are a few other special features that is also in the Mask 1:6 Scale Articulated Figure:

  • One evil smile head of the Mask
  • One open mouth laughing head of the Mask
  • Male body over 30 points of articulation
  • Five pairs of exchangeable hands
  • One signature gentry hat
  • One pair of white long sleeved shirts
  • One pair of long yellow blazer
  • One Pair of long yellow johhpurs and braces
  • One patterned tie
  • The Mask
  • Regular Milo head with body
  • Exchangeable Mask Milo head
  • One pair of ballroom boots

Asmus Toys The Mask 011

Asmus Toys The Mask 001

Asmus Toys The Mask 003

Asmus Toys The Mask 004

Asmus Toys The Mask 005

Asmus Toys The Mask 006

Asmus Toys The Mask 008

Asmus Toys The Mask 009

Tutti gli oggetti  presentati in questa pagina: – Asmus Toys – Jim Carrey’s The Mask 1/6 Scale Figure – sono disponibili per ordini o preordini presso la Fumetteria Inchiostro & Tempera di Napoli.



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