12″ AF News: ThreeZero – Breaking Bad 1/6 Scale 2-Pack (Hazmat suits)

12″ AF News: ThreeZero – Breaking Bad 1/6 Scale 2-Pack (Hazmat suits) –

ThreeZero presenta il nuovo Breaking Bad 1/6 Scale 2-Pack. Il set includerà sia Walter White che Jesse Pinkman nei loro famosissimi hazmat suits. I preordini partono sul sito ThreeZero il giorno 24 Ottobre, per poi arrivare anche ai “Retailers”. Il prezzo in dollari è 320,00 USD.

Ecco comunicato stampa e gallery.

ThreeZero Breaking Bad Walter and Jesse Hazmat Suit 2-Pack

Breaking Bad Heisenberg collectible figure stands approximately 12.2” (31cm) tall and Jesse is 11.6” (29.5.cm) tall, both are featuring improved likeness to the characters portrayed in critically acclaimed TV series, including Hazmat Suits, Gas Masks, Lab Desk, and great variety of extremely detailed accessories to recreate cooking scene from the series.

Breaking Bad Heisenberg & Jesse Hazmat Suit Combo purchased at Threezero Store comes with two pairs of Ungloved Hands, two Beer Bottles, Mug and Square Chemical Container as the exclusive accessories.

1/6th scale Breaking Bad Heisenberg & Jesse Hazmat Suit Combo collectibles details:

Life-like head sculpts crafted with accuracy based on the characters from the hit TV drama Breaking Bad;
Heisenberg figure stands at 12.2” (31cm) tall;
Jesse figure stands at 11.6” (29.5cm) tall

Clothing & interchangeable hands:
Yellow lab suits x 2 set;
Glasses (for Heisenberg);
Undershirt (for Heisenberg);
Undershirt (for Jesse);
Pants (for Heisenberg);
Pants (for Jesse);
Shoes (for Heisenberg);
Shoes (for Jesse)

Protective gloves:
– relaxed x 2 pair;
– griping x 1 pair;
– holding x 1 pair;
– fists x 1 pair

Gas mask x 2;
Lab desk;
Round chemical container;
Chemical glass bottle (with water) x 3;
Steel tray;
Beaker (with water);
Measuring glass (with water);
Flask (with water);
Test tube rack
Test tube x 3
Test tube (with water) x 3;
Mortar and pestle;
Graduated cylinder.

Threezero Store Exclusive Accessories:
Ungloved hands x 2 pairs;
Beer bottles x 2 and Mug;
Square chemical container.

* Final product may vary from prototype images

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