Preorder: Kotobukiya – Devil May Cry 5: Nero & Dante ARTFX J Figures

Preorder: Kotobukiya – Devil May Cry 5: Nero & Dante ARTFX J Figures –

Inchiostro & Tempera e’ lieta di presentare il preorder Italiano delle ultime novità della GSC!

Kotobukiya – Devil May Cry 5: Nero & Dante ARTFX J Figures al prezzo di 235.00/240.00 €uro! –

– *Pagamento a rate disponibile – Payment Plan Available –

In arrivo a Dicembre 2010 Gli oggetti sono preordinabili a partire da oggi seguendo il link che trovate qui sotto che vi porterà sul nostro sito ufficiale.

Il Preordine di oggi è:

Kotobukiya – Devil May Cry 5: Nero & Dante ARTFX J Figures

Devil May Cry 5: Nero & Dante
Kotobukiya – PVC Figures ARTFX J

Price for Nero: €uro 240.00

Price for Dante: €uro 235.00

Preorders – Available 2019 Q4

 From the latest installment in the stylish Devil May Cry series, Devil May Cry 5, the powerful demon hunter Dante is joining Kotobukiya’s ARTFX J line as a 1/8 scale statue!

Dante appears as if he has jumped straight from the game, holding his signature blade ‘Rebellion’ at the ready, an aloof expression on his face. Each detail of the character’s appearance has been carefully recreated, from the leather texture on his coat and trousers to the metal buttons and fasteners on his costume.

Rebellion is also faithfully recreated down to the intricate details of the skeleton on the hilt, which has a different design on the top and bottom, just one example of why this piece cannot be fully appreciated from one single angle. The blade of the sword is wreathed in delicately crafted flames that look like they will start flickering at any moment.


Nero’s character is perfectly captured as aims his signature double-barreled pistol ‘Blue Rose’, a provocative look on his face. The statue is expertly crafted to showcase every realistic detail, from the metal buckles on his outfit to the folded sleeves of his coat.

Nero’s signature weapons, Blue Rose and Red Queen are also faithfully recreated! The details on Red Queen’s hilt and combustion engine look just like they do in the game, making it easy to imagine Nero activating Exceed and burning all of his enemies to a crisp.

Nero’s ‘Devil Breaker’ arm, a new addition to the franchise in the 5th installment, is also on display, crafted with the same level of care and detail as the rest of the statue.

Just like the game, in addition to ‘Gerbera’, which is attached to his arm, ‘Overture’ and ‘Punch Line’ are also shown hanging from Nero’s waist. Although the latter two are covered by his coat, the Devil Breakers are all extremely detailed and accurate to the game, making them a must see for any fans of Devil May Cry 5.

A beautifully detailed piece from head to toe, add this statue to your collection today to witness its craftsmanship in person, and display him alongside the ARTFX J Nero statue to recreate the world of Devil May Cry!

Disponibilità : Preorder! 
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€ 235.00/240.00

Tutti gli oggetti  presentati in questa pagina:Kotobukiya – Devil May Cry 5: Nero & Dante ARTFX J Figures – sono disponibili per ordini o preordini presso la Fumetteria Inchiostro & Tempera di Napoli.


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