Preorder: Sideshow Iron Man Mark III Lifesize Bust + The Conjuring The Nun Statue + Hot Toys Hellboy 12″ Figure

Preorder: Sideshow Iron Man Mark III Lifesize Bust + The Conjuring The Nun Statue + Hot Toys Hellboy 12″ Figure –

Inchiostro & Tempera e’ lieta di presentare il preorder Italiano delle ultime novità della GSC!

Sideshow: Iron Man Mark III Lifesize Bust al prezzo di 1.300,00 €uro! –

Hot Toys – Hellboy 2019 Movie 12″ Figure al prezzo di 280.00 €uro! –

The Conjuring Universe: The Nun Statue al prezzo di 270.00 €uro! –

– *Pagamento a rate disponibile – Payment Plan Available –

In arrivo a Q2 2019/Q2 2020 Gli oggetti sono preordinabili a partire da oggi seguendo il link che trovate qui sotto che vi porterà sul nostro sito ufficiale.

Il Preordine di oggi è:

Sideshow: Iron Man Mark III Lifesize Bust
€1 300,00
Marvel Comics: Iron Man Mark III
Sideshow Toys – 1/1 Lifesize Bust
Pre-order: Available 2020 Q2

‘I am Iron Man.’

Sideshow and Legacy Effects present the Iron Man Mark III Life-Size Bust.

The Iron Man Mark III Life-Size Bust measures over 26 inch tall, putting Tony Stark head and shoulders over your collection in epic 1:1 scale. Inspired by the cinematic debut of Iron Man’s iconic red and gold suit, this bust features a detailed sculpt and paint application to accurately capture the sleek design of this essential Iron Man armor.

The fiberglass Iron Man Mark III Life-Size Bust also features a light-up arc reactor and eyes in the faceplate, allowing you to bring some light (and some heart) to any home display. This incredible Marvel collectible is a must-have for fans of Iron Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe alike!

Upgrade your hall of armor and bring home the Iron Man Mark III Life-Size Bust today!

Hot Toys - Hellboy 2019 Movie 12" Figure
Hot Toys – Hellboy 2019 Movie 12″ Figure
Pre-order: Available 2020 Q2

‘My boy, you are the only hope for the future.’

Hellboy is caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human. An agent with the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, he battles many creatures and an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.

Sideshow and Hot Toys present the Hellboy Sixth Scale Collectible Figure!

Skillfully crafted based on the appearance of Hellboy from the 2019 movie, the highly-accurate collectible figure features a newly developed head sculpt with two styles of interchangeable horns translating all the intricate details. This figure features a specially painted body showing detailed skin texture with enhanced articulations, a perfectly tailored outfit, an array of weapons and accessories including the iconic Excalibur sword, pistols, sword of fire and lighting effect accessory for alternative display styles, a movie-themed figure stand with burning flame diorama accessories and a character backdrop.

Own this wise-cracking superhero at your side to kick start your Hellboy collection!

The Conjuring Universe: The Nun Statue

The Conjuring Universe: The Nun Statue
By Sideshow Toys – Est. Arrival: Aug 2019 – Oct 2019

‘I’ve seen her stalking the hallways at night. We all have. She looks like us, but she’s not one of us. It’s something unholy.’

Emerging from the dark recesses of the Conjuring Universe, Sideshow presents The Nun Statue. The sculpture depicts the demon Valak’s initial emergence into this world through the sinister ouroboros portal connected directly to the depths of Hell. From there it was thought to be restrained behind the corridor of crosses. Nonetheless, the demon materialized in the form of The Nun in order to extinguish the holiness in the abbey above. As the demon makes its way through the gothic archway of the tiled abbey hall in its unholy nun form, Valak’s overwhelming evil eclipses the illuminating light of goodness from the candelabras along its path.

The Nun has a highly detailed habit with its tunic, scapular, and cowl all meticulously sculpted to capture the movement and flow of holy fabric as this hellish entity menaces the corridors of the Romanian abbey. Its detailed, solemn portrait has ghastly pale skin and piercing, demonic yellow eyes that stare directly into your very soul. The Nun Statue measures 13.5 inch tall from the bottom of the ouroboros base ring to the top of the detailed stone archway, encapsulating the scene of unhallowed horror within.

Finit hic, Deo…keep your eyes forward and don’t stop praying, the crosses on the base are there for a reason. Unleash a new form of terror into your collection and order The Nun Statue from the Conjuring Universe today.

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